Tosya Vocational School of the University of Kastamonu in 2547 by the decision of the General Board of Higher Education on 21.09.2007 Law No. 2880 was established pursuant to Law No. 7/d-2. Remodeling and Survival Association with the support of Higher Education under the leadership of Tosya charitable foundation was laid 18 October 2009 Tosya Vocational School building, was completed on 25 July 2010 was transferred to the University of Kastamonu. Tosya Vocational High School, 2010-2011 academic year students taking Accounting and Taxation Education programs in Electrical and commenced operations. Meet the need for qualified people in the country since the establishment of information and technology, produce, disseminate scientific findings and development to support the development of the national territory, industry and technology to achieve the objectives of quality for the purposes of gain, continues its in-house education and training programs.