The aim of this course is to educate medical secretaries in the field of medical documentation and secretariat.


Those who complete the program are given the title of Health Technician (Medical Secretary) by the diploma of Associate Degree and the decision of the Executive Board of YÖK.


Medical Documentation and Secretariat Program; According to the Secondary Achievement Score (SPP) by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM), students who choose to pass the exam from the Secretariat departments of the Medical Secretariat and Trade and Girls Vocational High Schools in Vocational and Technical Education Region (METEB) are placed. In the event that the quota of 30 persons remains open, students are taken out of METEB and according to the results of YGS-3 score type by ÖSYM.


Students who graduate from our program can do undergraduate education by transferring to the departments of Business Administration, Health Administration, Health Institutions Management, Health Institutions Management, Health Management.


In order to complete the Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program and to obtain an associate degree, students must successfully complete all the compulsory and professional elective courses (120 ECTS in total) and have a minimum GPA of 2.00 out of 4.00 and 20 jobs at the end of the 1st year. Daily internship must be completed successfully.


Graduates; In addition to medical units such as clinics, polyclinics, laboratories, operating rooms, emergency services of private and public health institutions, they also serve in administrative units such as health board, patient acceptance, archive of patient files. Parallel to the rapid change in health services, the demand for those who complete this program is increasing in private and public health institutions and institutions and there is a wide range of job opportunities for graduates.


Medical secretaries have become important and obligatory elements for new openings and developing health institutions.

Our mission, which meets this important need of the sector, is to play a leading role in the training of medical secretaries who have gained knowledge, skills and hardware. In line with the expectations and needs of the healthcare sector, our training to develop medical secretaries who have a lifelong development trend and who have enough knowledge and skills in their field, is intended to provide our students with the ability to communicate effectively, to work within the team, to recognize and solve problems as well as to professional knowledge and skills. It aims. In-hospital practices and mandatory summer internships allow our students to gain field experience before starting their business life.


Evaluates and applies the knowledge gained from the theoretical and practical courses at the basic level supported by the textbooks, application tools and other resources including the current information in the field of Medical Documentation and Secretarial. Using the basic knowledge and skills in the field of Medical Documentation and Secretarials, informs the concerned people and institutions and conveys their opinions and suggestions for solutions to problems in written and orally.

Knows the terms and concepts related to the medical terminology, human anatomy and diseases knowledge required by the field of Medical Documentation and Secretarial and uses them without error. It acts in accordance with social, scientific, cultural and ethical values ​​in the stages of gathering, interpreting, applying and announcing the data related to the field of Medical Documentation and Secretarial. In order to solve unforeseen complex problems encountered in the applications related to the field of Medical Documentation and Secretarial, it acts within the team and acts in accordance with the quality management and processes and takes personal responsibility when necessary.

Communicates effectively with colleagues, patients, relatives, physicians and other health professionals. Recognizes the institutions and organizations within the health system, acts as an individual working in the field of Medical Documentation and Secretariat, acts in accordance with the laws, regulations and legislation related to its rights and responsibilities. Use the information and communication technologies successfully with the computer software required by the field of Medical Documentation and Secretarial. With the knowledge and skills about the use of Hospital Information Management System, registration, provisioning, demand purchase, discharge and invoicing procedures according to the social security of the patient; perform the coding of operations and diseases and prepare relevant statistics.

Medical documentation and archival procedures, medical records, medical reports and professional correspondence in accordance with the rules of Turkish language effectively and quickly makes. It provides medical archive services by ensuring the mobility, security and protection of patient files with the knowledge of legislation necessary for the creation and operation of medical archives. Using all kinds of office equipment and machines effectively, makes simple maintenance and repairs when necessary.