Our aim is to educate home care staff, who recognize the patient’s characteristics, can make daily care and physiotherapy,can be done exercises in and out of bed, can relax to patient, can treat and care the patients, can practice first aid.


The concept of human health and disease with emphasis on the history of humanity all over the world and in our country is increasing and growing. These concepts have witnessed significant advances in recent years, serving the health care industry. Sense of the importance given to the health sector with the development of our country's economic rise. In accordance with the notification issued by the Ministry of Health in constant discomfort and constant application of patient care at home for patients who need to stay in hospital initiated. In this context, constantly in need of care for patients with diseases and related health care services will be provided by the staff at home.

With the improvement of living conditions, people are expecting better quality health care. In this sense, the health sector is also increasing the number of domestic and foreign investment. These developments are a sign of the great increase in the number of private hospitals and polyclinics. However, health care facilities and health care providers out there that will serve the patient does not increase at the same speed. Health programs in vocational schools play an important role in meeting this need.


Our target is to educate home care staff, who was equipped with professional informations required by the program of home care, interested with research and learn, have self confident, responsibility,prone to teamwork and success of relationships with people, to meet the expectations within the health care system.


Associate Degree

Acception Provision

Professions High School Student selection and placement exam, or pass without examination, meet the conditions of general acceptance.

Made The Transition to Secondary Education Departments

With the vertical transition exam, Nursing Services / Nursing, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and dietetics graduate departments have the ability to switch.


Students are required to complete a two-year theoretical and practical learning with success.


Our programs was opened to meet increasing  health care needs in Turkey and all world.

Graduate Employment

Patient care services are carried out; the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, municipalities, hospitals,civil society organizations and private institutions.

Be able to pass without examination Patient Care at Home Program High School Programs

Sick and Elderly Services
Laboratory Assistant
Laboratory Services
Laboratory Technician
Health Officer
Veterinary Laboratory
Elderly Services
Sick and Elderly Services

Those who graduated from Anywhere Departments Vertical Transfer

Home Patient Care Program students can transition to the vertical degree programs;

Nursing services
Nutrition and Dietetics