Wood processing machinery used in furniture industry, materials and accessories that are used for making furniture, interior design and the production to train capable of technical personnel is aimed


The production and processing of wood material in human life, both in economic terms and in terms of meeting needs is very important as well. Here is used in the fields of life furniture, Human being wooden doors windows, interior design, decoration and so on-work has been serving in this direction.This  furniture and other wood work used in the fields of life to be able to serve the purpose of quality and production standards should be designed. This is a separate area of expertise emerges as an important sector.

The rapid advancement of technology in the world and in our country, the rapid development of this sector, the growth of itself, makes it imperative that refresh. In this case, training of qualified technical personnel provide with the support of the necessary technological machinery and t the service sector equipment appears to be the most important point.


Furniture and Decoration technicians who want to be in numerical capable of thinking, the design and drawing skills improved, human relations and communication skills with a positive attitude and aims to educate people who can work as a team.

At the same time working in the enterprises operating in these sector engineers, architects and senior executives in accordance with the orders issued by the business, the business plan can be done, productive solutions and new technology, which closely follows the researcher aims to train technicians.

MadeThe Transition toSecondary EducationDepartments

  • Wood Works
  • Wood Technology
  • Wooden Yacht Construction
  • Upholstery
  • Furniture and Decoration
  • Making Musical Instruments

People who havegraduated from madevertical Transition Departments

  • Decorative Arts Teacher
  • Industrial Design
  • Industrial Technology Teacher
  • Interior Architecture
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Furniture and Decoration Teacher
  • Forest Engineering
  • Forest Industry Engineering

GraduatesReceivabletitleand EmploymentAreas

Students graduated as furniture and decoration technician;  public, private institutions and organizations work as technical staff.

Depending on your personal skills and abilities of the students who graduated as to establish their own businesses as the responsibilities from the furniture manufacturing and planning in charge of quality control personnel furniture, furniture draftsman element, element of design and product development, CNC machine operator and assistant, as technical staff can play an important role.