Associate education at the level of giving the program the purpose of electricity generation, transmission and distribution, plant maintenance and control of electrical machinery and engines, operating systems, electrical installations design, electrically operated, all systems in the introduction, training, measurements and failures, such as presence sector demand and develop a way to respond to qualified technicians to train.


Practical courses of Electricity program are performed in laboratories and practical classes with modern equipment and technology. Students of these courses are of maximum benefit to satisfy itself motivated by their education, are largely responsible for it should be emphasized throughout the course, the student an active role to play, committed in the topic of theoretical content, along with expertise in disciplines related installations by running the laboratory experiments can do environments has been prepared.

Related to the program specially crafted laboratories with the student self-it is the best way to train is provided.  This program for Electrical and Electronic Measuring and Basic Electronics Laboratory, Electrical Machines and Power Electronics Laboratory of Automatic Control Systems Laboratory, Digital Electronics Laboratory and printed Circuit Laboratory are used. The program's curriculum, theoretical and practical courses and practical work as a summer internships creates.


Graduate profile that endowed with Technological developments and work throughout the life of the new developments in the follow-equipped with basic knowledge, research, and learning to know, confident, open to innovations, the team is likely to work in human relations compatible is aimed.

Transitions Without an Examination of Secondary Education Sections

  • Electricity
  • Electric-Electronics
  • Electromechanical Carriers
  • Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Industrial Automation Technology (Electronics)
  • Ship Electronics and Communication
  • Control and Instrumentation Technology
  • Automatic Control
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical Electronics
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technician and Electronics
  • Aircraft Maintenance and Electronics
  • Aircraft
  • Electronics

Vertical Transition for Undergraduate Programs

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electric-Electronics Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Physics
  • Aviation Electricity and Electronics
  • Control Engineering
  • Meteorology Engineering
  • Aircraft Electrical And Electronics
  • Aerospace Engineering

GraduatesTitle and EmploymentAreas

Graduates takes “electrical technician” title. Professionals are employed, such as public and private organizations or can work independently. The Turkish Electricity Distribution CO., the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, the State Water Works, machine and Chemical Institute, General Directorate of Rural Services, such as organizations, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, including almost all the institutions and organizations can be employed.