Periodic control of medical devices available in the health sector, preventive maintenance and repair can be done, can be adapted to follow innovations in medical devices, equipment purchases sellers evaluate proposals in terms of quality and cost, the device is capable of training in use of operators, technicians to train. For this purpose, curriculum, basic electrical, electronic courses, as well as medical devices with the courses related to a rich content supply. For this purpose, curriculum, basic electrical, electronic courses, as well as medical devices with the courses related to a rich content supply. At the same time, recent developments in the sector closely monitored and updated course content within this context.


Program of modern education to all facilities using the students of the national and international arena and other universities to compete with the level of their own, or work together with within a specified time period of the device or system; installation, dismantling, maintenance, repair, hardware, and software update calibration of making knowledge and skills, with the related units of the technical support, the middle-level technical service management and planning, follow-up responsibility in the area and it is constantly developing a technical element to the issue of adequate and quality environment is provided.


In our country, health services, given the importance attached to this profession, the need is growing. Health services are spread in parallel with the work areas expanding day by day. For this reason, aims to train qualified technical personnel to meet this increasing demand with dominated by technological developments required by the program, equipped with professional knowledge, research and learning, knowledge, self-confident, responsible, team work and human relations prone to creating a successful graduate profile.

Transitions Without an Examination of Secondary Education Sections

  • Electricity
  • Electric-Electronics
  • Electromechanical Carriers
  • Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Industrial Automation Technology (Electronics)
  • Ship Electronics and Communication
  • Control and Instrumentation Technology
  • Automatic Control
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical Electronics
  • Aircraft Maintenance Technician and Electronics
  • Aircraft Maintenance and Electronics
  • Aircraft Electronics

Vertical Transition for Undergraduate Programs

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Electric-Electronics Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering

GraduatesTitle and EmploymentAreas

The training successfully completed the pre-degree certificate and “Biomedical Device Technology Technician” is the title given. Biomedical equipment technicians can work in public and private hospitals, dispensaries, laboratories and may open a private office on their own behalf. Also, the private sector, biomedical devices, sales, support and service providing companies can work with.