Purpose of The Programme

Health institutions and organizations of anesthesia which is an indispensable element of surgical sciences, the anesthetist will help; preparation of the media, equipment operators, maintenance and kept ready for the next application to undertake the responsibilities; intensive care unit, emergency department and ambulance work environment by following the practices and innovations in medicine Anesthesia Technician projecting train.

Scope of The Programme

Looking at the service level of development between the countries with economies in developed countries, emerging economies have seen that the industrial economy. Health care is state that an important economic resource for developed countries both important source of employment and represents. The importance of the health sector increases by the development of our country economically. In this sense, the number of domestic and foreign investment in the health sector increases. However, the number of personel who serve in the health care do not increase at the same speed. Health programs in vocational schools play an important role to meet this need. Anesthesia technicians is one of the most important members of the team which perform surgical operations in the public and private health care facilities. Anesthesia Technician is responsible for follow-up preparation of the patient's surgery and after surgery. Anesthesia technician training which is so important in the public and private organizations is very important for providing quality of service and continuity.


Anesthesia program with the professional knowledge, are researched and learned, knowledge, valued that scientific knowledge and ethics, furthermore emphasis on social development, having self-confidence and responsibility, are successfull about team work and in human relations, and provides that postgraduate in training continuity and creating a profile of a graduate, Training in qualified anesthesia technician program is targeted to meet in the demand of the health care system.

Jump to Secondary Education Programs

Be able to pass without examination Anesthesia Program High School Programs: 

  • Anesthesia
  • Anesthesia Technician 

Transition to upper degree programs

All students in the Anesthesia program can apply for that they are successful in Vertical Jump Test:

  • Nursing,
  • Emergency Response and Disaster Management,
  • Nursing and Health Care

Job Opportunities After Graduation

After students in the program graduated, they assume the title of Anesthesia Technician. They can work for the Ministry of Health and private hospital. In recent years, a large part of the graduating anesthesia technicians are got into a job. They have a lot of job oppurtunities like emergency response, ambulance and polyclinics.